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The following links are to forms that are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To be viewed and printed properly they require the use of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free.

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​Release of Interest/Power of Attorney Form

This form is used to release interest in a vehicle/vessel and/or authorize someone to act as your attorney in fact to sign all documents that may be necessary to release or secure a Washington title. If this form is signed in front of a licensing agent it does not need a notary. If filled out elsewhere (out of state / your place of business) a notary seal must accompany your signature. Please do not hesitate to call Wendel’s Licensing if you have any questions.
Download the Release of Interest / Power of Attorney Form

Vehicle Title Application

The vehicle title application is primarily used to verify the identity of a registered owner so they are not required to be present at the time of titling. If you are going to be present at Wendel’s Licensing in person to title a vehicle into your name this form is not required. Use this form if you are sending someone in to title the vehicle for you. The form must be signed and notarized. There are various fees and taxes applicable with a title transaction, please call Wendel’s Licensing for more detailed information.
Download a Vehicle Title Application 

Declaration of Buyer and Seller Regarding Value of Used Vehicle Sold

This form is used during a titling transaction when a vehicle is sold for more than $2000 dollars below the Fair Market Value as decided by the Department of Revenue. This form must include the original signatures (no copies) from both the buyer and seller. It also includes a section to describe why the vehicle is worth less than the Fair Market Value. There are various fees and taxes applicable with a title transaction, please call for more detailed information.
Download the Declaration of Buyer and Seller Form

Out of Area Temporary Emissions Exemption

This form is used when a Vehicle Emissions Test is required but cannot be preformed because the vehicle is not in an emissions testing area. For example, if the vehicle was in Oregon the form would be sent there, signed and notarized by a notary public in that area. The form is then sent back with the original signatures (no copies) to this area for processing. Make sure because of the time involved with completing this form that you plan ahead. We must have the form before we can complete the transaction that an emissions test is required for. If you have any other questions, please call Wendel’s License.

Download the Out of Area Emissions Form

Odometer Disclosure Form

This form can not be downloaded it is a numbered accountable item. If you need an Odometer Disclosure Form it is available at Wendel’s Licensing.

Personalized Plate Application

Personalized plates are available for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and campers. The initial costs are $84.75 for initial applications. For each yearly renewal there is a fee of $42.00 in addition to the other licensing fees when you renew your vehicle. For example, if your registration costs $100.00 it would cost $142.00 with personalized plates.

You may apply for personalized plates at any time during the year but issuance does not extend your registration. You will pay the $32.00 fee whether you purchased the plate 6 months or a month before you expire. It is most cost effective to apply for a personalized plate after purchasing your current registration. It you have any other questions about personalized plates please call Wendel’s Licensing. 
Download the Personalized Plate Application 

Public Disclosure Form

This form is most commonly used to request vehicle/vessel information for a vehicle/vessel that you do not own. Often used for vehicles that have been abandoned on private property to find out who the owner is so they may be contacted to come and remove the vehicle or vessel. 
Download the Public Disclosure Form

Certificate of Fact Form

This form is primarily used to explain alterations and corrections on other secure documents. If you have any questions please call Wendel's Licensing. 

Download the Certificate of Fact

Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest

The Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest is a required form for a duplicate title as well as other commonly lost or stolen items. It must be signed in front of a Notary Public or a Certified Title Clerk. If you have any question please call Wendel's License. 

Download the Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest

Vehicle Title Application 

The Vehicle Title Application is a required form when requesting a duplicate title or quick title when you are unable to come into the office in person. If you are applying by mail or having someone bring in Transfer paperwork on your behalf are common uses for this document. It must be signed in front of a Notary Public before being presented. If you have any questions about this form please call Wendel's License. 

Download the Vehicle Title Application